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81 year old lady who got lost in a mountain for 5 days slept in a pit



An 81-year-old woman , Luo Xilian is recovering from minor injuries after she went missing on a mountain in southern China for five days before she was rescued.

Luo Xilian slipped and fell down from a slope as she was collecting tea seeds on her own from a terraced field located at Hunan province, near Shaoyang, on October 9, the Xiaoxiang Morning.

With injuries to her hands, arm and shoulder, she became perplexed and could not find her way home as she was walking in the wrong direction as night fell.
Her husband, told the newspaper he was unable to reach his wife by phone but waited until the third day to report her as missing.

Police officers and villagers swung into a search party to look for the missing elderly woman, and an emergency rescue team was called in, including drones were also used in the search.

How Luo survived
With no food to eat, Luo was becoming weak and fatigued. She came across a one-metre pit – created during a recent burn-off of tea trees – and climbed into it, covering herself in grass and sheltering there for a night sleep.

On the fourth day of her survival game, she saw a drone overhead but her shouting and waving was not loud enough to be noticed. Luo told the newspaper that by that stage she was weak with hunger and feeling the cold. The sight of the drone motivated her to keep trying to find her way home, but by the morning of the fifth day she was too exhausted to go any further.

When she was close two villagers found her in the afternoon. They gave her water and tinned Chinese rice porridge to eat, she with a bit of help from rescuers she managed to walk, according to the report. After everything. a relieved and happy Luo returned home after she was given a medical check and treated for minor injuries.