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Woman tries to kill son-in-law after secret affair with him got out



A Florida mum in an affair with her daughter’s husband has been arrested for what she did when the news of her affair with her daughter’s husband broke out. Trust me she did the unbelievable.
She, Kathleen Regina Davis tried to kill her son-in-law after the secret affair got out.
Kathleen Regina Davis told local police that she was in a relationship with her son-in-law while he was still married to her daughter, The Palm Beach Post reported. When he confessed to his wife, it ruined their marriage, Regina said.
Regina then tried to get back at the man by allegedly ruining his house and cars. Police eventually showed up and found Davis driving in circles in his front yard in her Mercedes and trying to run him over. Davis later admitted to officers that she wanted to hit him and wanted him to die.
Records show that the man, whose identity was not released, is in the middle of divorcing Davis’ daughter.
Regina is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is out on $3,000 bail.