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Sergio Aguero sustains Broken Rib injury after an accident



Manchester city football club star player, Sergio Aguero was involved in a car accident on Thursday. According to a release by the club, the extent of the injury will make him miss a match.

Sergio’s car rammed his car into a pole maybe while he was drunk or something but what really caused the accident remains mystery. But judging by the Manchester city 
‘Aguero was in Holland on his day off and has sustained injuries.  He will return to Manchester this morning and his status will be checked ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League clash at Chelsea.  We will bring you all the latest on Sergio as we get more news’.

Sergio was on a vacation when he had his accident. You can agree with me that when most of the popular persons get into something like this, it is always by the influence of something taken into the body, making them loose their minds.

According to THE SUN UK, 
Sergio Aguero was wearing his seat belt as a car he was travelling in crashed into a metal pole and  Argentine striker, 29, will be out for two to four weeks with broken ribs and is definitely unavailable to face Chelsea tomorrow.
Ramos tweeted that he actually had an accident but he was on his seat belt so the effect was minimal and sources have it that he was on his way to the Airport after he watched singer Maluma in a performance. His manager said he did not know for how long Aguero would be out of games, but it is understood an absence of two to four weeks is likely.