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See hostel named after Hushpuppi in Auchi polytechnic (Hushpuppi hostel)



In Auchi polytechnic in Edo state, Benin to be precise, there is a hostel/lodge named after Nigerian bragger boy Hushpuppi. 
Hushpuppi has taken to his instagram to celebrate the boys for naming a Lodge/Hostel after his name.  he promised that  someday he will get to the hostel and make life in the hostel more comfortable,
The guy Hushpuppi is now feeling on top of the world cause he got a hostel named after him. Braahh.
Read what hushpuppi said

Somewhere far away in Auchi polytechnic Edo state where I’ve never been, some wonder students decided to name their hostel after me, I am so honored and this is just the beginning, many more to come, streets will be named after me soon. To this wonderful student I someday soon will reach out to you guys n make donations to better your living conditions in that hostel. #TeamHushpuppi #WinningTeam

 Not bad, but i hope he keeps to his promise cause that guy say a lot of things he cannot do.