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Nigeria Versus Biafra



I sat back to think about the ongoings in the nation with regards to the incessant killings 
This write up is to whoever buys my thought
People have lost their minds and sense of reasoning
Everybody on the street has become blood thirsty .They are fighting for their rights they’ll quickly say
But there are questions begging for answers
Let me quickly remind you all that we’re talking of human lives here and not animals 
These ones who have lost their lives are innocent!
They have dreams,aspirations,families like you and I 
They have never been to aso rock and probably have no plans of doing so …..They ain’t even lawmakers neither are they occupying any governmental position
Stop killing the wrong people !!!!!
Go to Buhari or Nnamdi Kalu directly …..To their wives,children ,the lawmakers ,the pioneers n sponsors of Biafra 
Leave these poor ones alone .They don’t deserve the Ill treatment meted on them by this phenomenon! 
What has an “aboki” shoe mender got to do with politics does he deserve to be killed all in the name of seeking to be heard???Likewise that poor Igbo trader who went out in search of food for his children only to be murdered n butchered like an animal ..,does he deserve to be murdered in cold blood ?????
Isn’t it obvious that we are been used by these heartless politicians to achieve their selfish gains ????
Today Buhari n Kalu are somewhere in the comfort of their homes eating n drinking with their families all in good health while so many have died for their course 
For how long are we going to continue been beclouded by religious sentiments n biased indoctrination
Let everyone old n young wise up to this and become more concerned about humanity !
We’ll one day leave this world and none will carry Nigeria nor Biafra down to the grave
The day you die your chapter ends and these entities will continue to strive…..So why don’t you choose to make the best out of your life
You might seem unconcerned today but trust me it could be one of your own tomorrow then you’ll know how it hurts !