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Nicki minaj comes for Cardi B – Beyonce’s “New Queen of Rap”



Cardi B,  young female talented rapper who performed on Jayz and beyonce’s Made-in-America concert on Saturday has been crowned “New Queen of Rap” by beyonce and this got Nicki minaj another Queen of Rap talking.

She Nicki made a post on instagram, she said

“Bitch I heard your label’s tryna make another me,” 

This means indirectly claiming that Cardi B is copying her and Beyonce is all supporting Cardi B. Nicki and Beyonce are not in Good terms so i think this is what actually got Nicki talking, cause Cardi B is actually better than Nicki and everyone knows that, but the only thing is that Nicki has been there before cardi B, so cardi B has to just wait till Nicki stops singing, But since Beyonce has already given Nicki’s rep to another person, Nicki ain’t taking it likely.

This whole thing started when Beyonce shared a photo she took with cardi B saying she – Cardi B is the New Queen of Rap.