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Mtcheeeew, Read what former Presidential aide Reno Omokri said caused the fight between Peter and Paul of P-square



In the time of serious situation there is always that one person that takes things for granted. The break up between Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye of P-square is something that has caused a quake in Nigerian entertainment industry, yet Reno Omokri has come to joke/politics of the whole thing. According to Daily post, Reno Omokri has revealed what caused the feud between the brothers.

He wrote
“Perhaps God is [email protected] & @rudeboypsquare to teach lessons on the options before Nigeria-division, restructuring or family fight.

“Even P-Square wants to restructure from unitary form of partnership to true federalism. You are Peter, I am Paul. Together, we are P-Square!

“If Peter and Paul cant live in peace, is it our own little Republics that will automatically lead to peace? Restructuring is a better option.”

Reno thinks everything in life is politics. Mtcheeeew.