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Lagos airport security guard returns two missing envelopes containing $3,338 to the rightful owner



One Frank Abebemi misplaced his envelope of money in Lagos airport and did not know of it. It took a kind hearted security guard at the airport who reported the missing money.
Joseph Akilo, a security guard in Lagos airport discovered two pieces of enveloped left behind on the airport counters at about 8:35 which was time up for boarding. He contacted the Station Manager of Virgin Atlantic and with the help of the details on the envelope. The owner who was notified by the pilot on the cockpit, at first the owner denied misplacing any sum. But after a second check he accepted that he has lost two envelopes containing the sum of  $3,338 (about N1, 218,370). Frank was given back the money after he passed some ownership test.
Don’t forget that Joseph Akilo is a security guard who earns NGN25.000 monthly he works with Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML). The airport is alleged to be Murtala Muhammed international airport. Frank was a passenger on Virgin Atlantic Airways flight