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Guide on how to stay safe in the Entire South East during the Military exercise



*Guide on how to stay safe in the entire South east during the Military exercise named “Egwu Eke II(Python Dance II)” from Sept.15th, 2017 to Oct.14, 2017.
Your Life Is In Your Hand(But Most Assuredly In God’s Hands).
1. Always carry Ur ID Card with U, so that U can always identify Urself whenever U are called Upon to do so.
2. Never stay out late for whatever reason.
3. If U must drive, make sure Ur driver’s license and all Ur car/bus particulars are complete and valid.
4. If possible, do not use car tinted glass even if U have permit.
5. If U are stopped at the check point, answer ONLY the questions that U are asked. Do not volunteer any information nor ask questions.
6. Do not for any reason argue with any Military Personnel, they are all battle ready!
7. Stay indoors as much as possible, go out if it is absolutely necessary.
8. Do not play ball on the street.
9. Do not jog on the street.
10. Do not for any reason carry Biafran flag with U.
11. Do not play loud music in Ur car.
12. Do not Undertake any inter-state journey, unless it is absolutely necessary. You must target to arrive Ur destination before it qets dark.
13. Avoid fixinq weddinqs, burials or any form of function that will require the gatherinq of many people.
14. Females should as much as possible move around in pairs.
15. Be warned, this is like war situation!!!

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