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Father protecting his daughter shares sexually explicit messages a man sent to his 11-year-old daughter thinking it was her.



Wil Atteberry from Texas shared these sexually explicit messages from one Donald Paninski.
It was actually a conversation between Will and Donald who thought that he was chatting Will’s 11-year-old daughter on Facebook.
Wil shared on facebook with the text.

“Was going through my daughters phone and came across a message request from donald paninski on fb messenger. She had not answered him because she knows she is not allowed to converse with unknowns unless i approve. So i messaged him from her account. Please help me make this guy famous so that he will not be able to target another child. #checkyourkidsphones.”

See photo of the conversation

See Donald’s photo below
Latest update reaching me is that Doanld has been arrested watch video
.the video was captioned

Finally they make the arrest of the old man across the street that thinks its ok to messed with little under age girls. We have really been waiting on this for our own babies protection.

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