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Facebook donates over $10 million to Hurrricane Harvey victims



In aid of people affected by the Hurricana Harvey, facebook community donated over $10 million dollars
Mark zuckerberg made public the info via his social media platform, he said

Together the Facebook community has raised over $10 million to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. This includes all of the fundraisers you’ve run and the $1 million match from Facebook. Thank you for all your generosity.
We’re also starting a fundraising campaign to help people affected by the floods in South Asia. Facebook is donating $1 million to organizations doing work on the ground, and you can help by making a donation to Save the Children.
As the hard work to rebuild continues, it’s inspiring to see people coming together to help others in need. We’re committed to building services that bring people together — like these fundraiser tools — because we know that when people come together, we can do a lot of good in the world.

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