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Dubai: Gardener caught molesting 9-year-old girl in Dubai Investments Park



A gardener was arrested for molesting a 9-year-old girl while she was playing with her friends in a park located in the Green Community, DIP.
The incident, which took place on August 18, has left residents in the community disturbed and concerned about security in the area.

Spending the evening outdoors, the girl along with two of her neighbours were being watched by a caretaker, when a gardener grabbed her from the back and kissed her several times. Fighting to push him off, the girl was quickly assisted by the caretaker and her friends.

“My daughter was filling up her bottle at the outdoor water dispenser when this guy appeared behind her. After the caretaker started screaming, the girls ran home and my daughter was trembling, crying and was in really bad shape,” R.B, mother of the girl told Gulf News.
The girl’s parents were quick to return to the park with their daughter to identify the suspect.

“We went back to the park, and after walking for less than a minute, my daughter pointed at the man. When he saw me with her, he panicked and stood up,” said R.B.
A case of molestation has been filed against the gardener, and he has been placed in police custody.
“What should change is not the parents, they are already careful enough about their children. The companies need to be very thorough while hiring workers,” said R.B. The developer of the Green Community was not available for comments.
The incident gathered attention of the community members on social media, who have been offering their support to the Jordanian family.
Dubai Police said they are investigating the incident, and questioning the suspect.