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Brother hammered to death for trying to save his sister from a child molester



Dante Daniels, 8-years-old was hammered to death while he was trying to save his younger sister from a child molester, who s related to his mother.

The child molester, Chaney Jr who is Dante’s mum former partner armed with a Knife and a hammer to both Danae (Dante’s sister) and her mother, 28-year-old Elizabeth Salone, so Dante stepped in to help and he was fatally attacked. Dante was hit and left brain dead, six days later he was confirmed dead. Dante’s sister got her left damaged and she may never see with the eye.

“On Friday September 1st my cousin received a devastating call a mother/grandmother wishes to never answer. She received the news her daughter Elizabeth Salone 27 years old, granddaughter seven years old and her grandson eight years old were in the hospital with life-threaten(ing) conditions.
“We are asking for any help possible due to the fact the kids need multiple surgeries along with medical bills and recovery. They will all need to go through counseling. The children will never be the same from this tragedy nor will their mother. They will be traumatized from such vicious crime. They will need to start over from the ground up. Anything helps pray, share, a small donation.”
 – Mrs Brown (Dante’s grandmother)

Mrs Brown while speaking to WRBC said “Trying to save his sister from this child molester, that’s why he was beat the worst,”
Ms Brown referred to her dead grandson as a “hero.”
She said: “Dante gave his heart to a four-year-old in Southern California, so a four-year-old lives because of (him).”