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Black Baltimore man falsely accused of murder released after spending 13 years in prison



A black man, Lamar Johnson from Baltimore that was falsely accused of murder 13 years ago is freed after investigation revealed that he was innocent.

In 2005, Lamar 34-years-old was arrested of first degree murder of one Carlos Sawyer, 31, who was gunned down in East Baltimore in 2004. But even after being sentenced to life, lawyers say Johnson always claimed his innocence and never changed his story. CBR reports.

After examining Lamar’s case it was revealed that Lamar was not the shooter as this was confirmed by three witnesses from an investigation by Investigation officers from the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project .

“First I want to thank God for blessing me with my freedom, then I want to thank my mother for always having my back and believing in my innocence,” Johnson said after being released. “Then I would like to thank the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project for believing in my innocence and taking my case.”   – Lamar

After reviewing the new evidence, prosecutors with Baltimore’s Conviction Integrity Unit realized the mistake that had been made when the police followed a lead an hour after the shooting. The police followed a nickname of a person and misidentified Lamar as the shooter.

“My heart breaks for the family of Carlos Sawyer. They now must face the unsettling reality that Carlos’ attacker has not been brought to justice,” “On behalf of the criminal justice system, I’d like to apologize to Mr. Lamar Johnson and his family.” –  State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said.

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