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1000 words message to Biafran agitators and supporters



When all the houses are burnt, business shops dismantled, churches left in ruins, humans living in fear and the roads covered with blood of innocent misguided lives, who is to be blamed. When there is no exchange of those business ties and service rendering is a thing of the past, who is to be blamed? Nigeria? NO. Nnamdi Kanu? NO. Biafra? NO. You are to be blamed. You that kept your conscience silenced and deny it’s counseling. You let your minds to be played with like a football. Your thinking was fed with lies and false conspiracy, because you were in search of paradise you believed it all. 
You were told to kill a fellow human from another tribe, you did it. You were told promised heaven on earth and you took it in. Your mind was poisoned by someone from anywhere without resistance you succumbed, but till now you have doubts if Christ is the one and only true God.
What makes you different from the terrorist who are promised imaginary virgins, when you harken to the voice of one man Nnamdi Kanu who has no vision for your life. He turns out every day and is being followed by mass of unemployed youths that if at that moment will put effort in bettering their lives will go a long to change the situation in Nigeria. But, rather he enjoys the fame and his plans for you do not know but he has filled you with lies of a promise land called Biafra. And, what breaks my heart is that his followers do not realize that they are being played, how will the coming of Biafra fix the bad roads, build the world class schools, create the business enabling environment? Biafran agitators act as if the bird in the bush is better than the one at hand. Nnamdi Kanu called the land where you were born, bred and established A Zoo and you all accepted with whole earth, tell me something is not wrong somewhere. 
Biafra of then tried but failed and it’s first leader, Ojukwu was ashamed and guilty of the hunger and starvation he caused his people and lives that was lost. He had no vision for his people then. Yes, he was a high ranking military personnel and is full of resources, so he got the support. Led Biafrans to a civil war he made no significant progress, he FLED when the situation was out of hand. And that is Nigerian civil war Biafran story in short. 
The same scenario is about to repeat itself. The killings in Aba and the cease of normal day to day activities is enough for you to go back and rethink. Nnamdi Kanu is no messiah and is not to be termed so. Christ that is called a messiah was full of truth and did not create any chaos, unlike Nnamdi Kanu who has ten serious obvious lies that shows he is hypnotizing you with Biafra. See the list
1.Donald Trump is in support of Biafra
2.Russia is in support of Biafra
3.Nigerian Army population is 150,000 but 3 million people welcomed me at Ekwulobia. ~ Nnamdi Kanu.
While the number of seat in Ekwulobia is 10,000
4.FG gives me Biafra when I was in prison without Rivers,but I refused .
5. I was offered Dubai mansion to denounce Biafra but I refused.
6.Ipob delegates have meeting with Donald Trump over Biafra referendum .
7.UN gives date for Biafra referendum .
8.The man you are watching on Television is not Buhari.
9. Buhari is dead
10. We (ipob) are jews
 He (Kanu) created a room for you to die while he comes out the next day putting on Jew cloak and holding a horn and call himself a Jew. He has not come to just bring chaos, he has also come to change your religion and the loose one will only follow. Aba killings and curfew has already set the crumbling on a wrong shaky ground, now tell me, who will rebuild Aba? Nnamdi Kanu? NO. He will but do the regular march in and you will join the mass following him.
Igbos are the most economical wise of the tries in Nigerian but that was then. The economic success of lies on its shoulder but Nigeria failed when that one Igbo man cheated a business partner and that went a long way to bring a bad name for the entire clan and kept Nigeria in economic crisis. Cheating is what we Igbos are now known for.  Someone involved in a business with an Igbo man trades with extreme cautiousness so he is not being cheated. Little wonder political positions are not trusted in the hands of an Igbo man.  Nigerian on the other hand is not good, but will dividing the already failing nation give rise to a growing nation? We all need to come to the oneness and work towards building a great one nation. You may not be handling any political position, but in your business place big or small, in your school, in all your endeavor there is a role you must play that will help put Nigeria back in track. Dividing a nation has never been the solution to a bad government. I can’t even believe that some Christians bought the idea of Biafra, not to judge, if you can check the “Christian” agitating for Biafra, they are the black sheep of the Christian community. We have to let other see the light in being an Igbo or Christians, so we can be loved and trusted with so much.
You may think it is easy for country to secede from a parent country and turn out to stand on firm during this 21st century where everything is on the fast pace. When you get the delusional Biafra, then you do not have established banks to safe and invest your money, you do not get the opportunity of leaving the country because it is all new, your country is not yet ready for international businesses and foreign investments, schools will have to follow same old curriculum established by the parent country, not to mention the absence of electricity You find out the world is in modern age while you remain in stone age. Developing a country is not a day Job and you cannot start that now, time is old. Get to understand that the only reason why you have that Hausa, Yoruba, Efik, Idoma, etc. guy/girl next to you is because you cannot live in this world without him or her. All you need do is get over that ethnical background then you will realize the bond between you and them. Humans are meant to be at peace with one another.  Do not let lies, greed, extremism, conspiracies, selfishness fill you mind, because all of the crisis in the world today boils down to them. Instead let love, tolerance, self-actualization and peace be your flag. Wave it anywhere you go because. WE ARE HERE BECAUSE WE ARE HERE…. 
I hope this changes the mind of its reader for good. Share to pass the message across.