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Rutile, Galena, Uranium, Limestone, discovered in cross river



Rutile, galena, uranium, limestone, discovered in cross river by chinese men _ the report by calabar news machine reads: a group of miners from china have been prospecting for solid minerals all over the state for some weeks and so far, iron ore (magnetite) that stretches the land expanse of 10 kilometres from iso-bendeghe in boki local government to bendeghe-afi in ikom local government area larger than the one found in ajaokuta in kogi state has been discovered.

Infact, it has been confirmed that the iron ore deposit found in cross river state is the largest in nigeria. _ in nkarasi 2, ikom lga, a very massive quantity of rutile was found. it has never been imagined that rutile will ever be found in cross river untill now. rutile is used for the production of electronic components like capacitors, transistors, diodes and ics. this is another interesting aspect of this prospecting process because it means that cross river has the complete raw materials to produce electronics from start to finish. _ galena (led ore) has also been discovered in osina, in yala and iyamitate in obubra and several other local governments. as we know, led is used for soldering and its demand is very high.

Moreover, some galena have silver after purification. in okpoma, yala, 16million metric tonnes of salt deposit has been discovered and the quality is very high. _ at idomi in yakurr lga, uranium has been discovered in very large quantity. uranium is used for the manufacturing of atomic energy by world powers. apart from akamkpa, huge quantities of lime stone have been found in idomi, yakurr, boki etc. the china based mining company is ready for mining, once the prospecting and exploration is completed. _ though some have argued that issues of mineral resources, as enshrined in the fundamental rules of regime, are exclusive preserve of the federal government, the fact remains that the federal and state could go into a confederacy mostly when the investors’ partnership preferment is the state.