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Photos Of The Nigerian Girl With Multi-Colored Eyes



The Nigerian girl called Peace with Multi-colored eyes has been the Internet sensation after a photographer discovered her. Peace has her eye ball Multi-colored, unlike most humans that have one color either black brown or blue. 

Her eye ball if looked closely comprises of even some other colors not seen in human eye ball, Color like yellow. Peace in-fact has so many colors in her eyes.

The photographer who discovered Peace also released a statement, read below:

‘Her name is Peace Samuel Omana, she is pretty and so brilliant. Some of her classmates who were available at the photoshoot described Peace as being calm, nice and a lover of Mathematics. Her school mates also said they always teased her about being miss Nigeria.
Her parents are so grateful and optimistic that this would bring a end to poverty in their lives they are thankful for all the positive comments and love from everyone.
Photographer who discovered Peace, Abimbola Balogun of Revelia Photography, also spoke about Peace saying:
Transformations can happen overnight to anyone. Its her time, she is a star. You can tell from her pictures she was born to be!

A lot of opportunities opening up for her already but I’m being careful with the sort of endorsement she allows so she doesn’t get the wrong attention.’