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Pastor Falls To Nicki Minaj Butt – Wants To Eat Nicki Minaj’s Butt



As spotted on instagram. Internet is full of a lot of things, good and bad. Many have fallen for the bad things seen on the internet. Pastors or Clergy men not excluded. 

A pastor dropped a comment on Nicki Minaj photo on instagram, since them the internet has not spared him. According to the Clergyman’s profile, he is married and runs a church renowned. 

NO need to judge the pastor based on fake pastor things. If he has fallen to temptation and he is truly a good pastor, he knows what to do to get back on track. Christians fall to temptations, that is why God’s grace is ever abundant.

Do not bother checking on the pastor on instagram, his account has turned private. To show how people like crazy things. The pastors account dewberry_2017 has the number of followers multiplied by 100 immediately after this scandal.