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Nigerian Man Discovered N7.3m Was Wired To His Account Mistakenly – Read What He Did With The Money



Uncleray’s profile photo on twitter as of now

You don’t get to see nice people this days especially in Nigeria, where the economy has changed the mindset of every Nigerian to Money Making Mindset. But despite the harsh economy a Nice Nigerian has shown his level of sincerity.

A Nigerian man on Twitter as , @Raynergy has notified Diamond Bank of the mistake purportedly made by a company that transferred N7,310,000.00 in words Seven Million Three Hundred and Ten Thousand to his account.

According to Raynergy, the money which he is sure is not his and wants the sum out of his account immediately. After UncleRay as his name goes much trials, it seems Diamond has already gotten the notification, as the company’s staff has contacted Ray. See tweets below