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NASA will pay you $100,000 to stay in bed for just 60 days – Read how



Most of us sometime in our dear life have dreams of hanging out in bed, all day, every day, and getting paid for just doing it.
Well, it turns out NASA are making our dreams a reality. A few lucky candidates are getting paid a huge amount of money just to chill in bed all day.
NASA is currently seeking out for people to voluntarily participate in their 

“Bed Rest Studies”, in which participants will have to stay in bed for 60 days straight.
It does sound like the dream come true, right? But how long do you think you could last without going haywire or insane.

Here is the best tip to scale through, treat the 60 days like a job, and whenever you fell like you’d had enough, just think of all the things I could buy with the money. And the best part is that wouldn’t just be sleeping you can keep yourself occupied with books, TV, video games, and they can also use their phones as they please! As long as they remain laying down.

You’re probably thinking what on earth is the point in this experiment.
NASA want to study how the body reacts to extended periods of rest for astronauts who are going on extended periods of space travel.

According to NASA the experiments is designed to achieve three things:
1. Understanding how one’s changing physiology in space may affect the process of certain missions.

2. Understanding the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks.
3. Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.

The experiment which will be carried out will consist of two categories.
Exercising and Non-exercising.
The exercising group, are able to exercise using special tools that help them stay active while still lying down. While non-exercising groups must stay completely at rest the entire time.
During the entirety of the study, bone, muscle and heart tests, will be done. As well as tests of the circulatory and nervous systems, nutritional condition, and the body’s capacity to fight off infections are conducted.
So what do you think ? Could you do it participate in the experiment ? Do you think you could handle it? is it worth it?

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