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My account was hacked – small doctor reacts to the video of him stroking his private on snapchat



We told about a video which surfaced online, snapchat showing a person who looks like small doctor stroking his private part.
Reacting to the video Small doctor said his account was hacked. When asked to admit that he was stroking his penis in video on his snapchat, he said “You should understand when they say someone’s account is hacked. I don’t want to say beyond that.”

The Nigerian musician had a case of his Gold chain stolen from him during a performance in Oyo. Funny how the whole scenario of gold chain theft was in oyo state.
Explaining what happened on the day of the theft, small doctor told Sunday Scoop that he was carried by away by the thrill of giving his fans the best. He said.

“The event was organised by Shina Peller in Iseyin, Oyo State. While performing, I was carried away because I was intent on giving my fans the best, like I always do whenever I’m on stage. At that point, I didn’t even remember that there was an expensive chain on my neck.
The crowd was very lively and they were enjoying my performance, so I jumped into the crowd to get closer to them. Unfortunately, by the time I went back on stage, the chain had been stolen off my neck. However, because there were a lot of people there, we couldn’t really tell who took the chain. But it’s all good.”
Asked if that was the first time he would be losing a valuable item while performing, he said,
“That was not the first time that I jumped into the crowd; I actually do that a lot. But this is the first time that I would lose my possession. But this does not mean I would stop doing that; I would just be more careful.”