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Mother throws 7-year-old daughter down from 4-storey building two times, killing her the second time



A mentally ill mother has committed one of the world worst homicide. The mother, Swathi Sarkar, 36, was working as a teacher till about two years ago and had separated from her husband, a business analyst with a private firm in Indiranagar.
Swathi Sarkar killed her 7-year-old disabled daughter by throwing her two times from the building, four-storey residential building at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar on Sunday afternoon.
The deceased girl, Aishika Sarkar, but popularly called Shreya, survived the first fall with serious fierce injuries, she was too weak to run. So her mother, Swathi Sarkar, rushed down, carried her up, and went back up to their flat only to throw her down again the second time in front of shocked neighbours. Aishika Sarkar died instantly.
The whole crazy incident got the nieghbours angry, they tied up Swathi to an electric pole to lynch her. But Swathi was saved by the intervention of the police that claimed Swathi was mentally disturbed.
Speaking to her former husband, Kanchan Sarkar, 40, told police that his wife would get angry, lose control over herself and assault the child. He began living separately seven months ago, but would visit his wife and child and pay for certain maintenance. Kanchan told police that Swathi went into severe depression after he left her and began blaming their daughter for their separation.
Neighbours Narration
On the fateful day, they said they heard a loud thud shortly after 3:30 pm on Sunday and rushed to the spot to find Shreya badly injured and lying in a pool of blood. A woman living in the same building claimed that, initially, they thought the girl lost her footing and had an accidental fall.
Her mother Swathi rushed down. At first, onlookers thought she was coming to administer first aid to the injured child. But they were shocked when she took the child back upstairs. Neighbours reportedly asked Swathi why she was not taking her daughter to the hospital and Swathi shouted at them claiming that the child was mentally unstable. When she got upstairs, she locked herself in before throwing her injured daughter down again, killing her.
“We thought she was taking her home which was on the third floor as she was bleeding. She instead threw her from atop the building,” a witness said.
After the incident, Swathi went inside her house, changed and came down about 15 minutes later. That was when neighbours caught hold of her, tied her to a pole and beat her up before handing her over to the police.
The murdered child reportedly had a speech development issues and Swathi was desperately trying to make her speak. She would take the girl on evening and morning walks on a daily basis in the neighbourhood. The victim had only recently started speaking incoherently when she was killed.

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