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Mission Impossible 6 – Tom Cruise Gets Injured While Performing A Stunt For The Movie



Tom Cruise, 55-year-old is known for  really performing most of his stunts, which you see in the movies.

While shooting the Mission impossible video in London the veteran actor sustained an injury.

In a video by TMZ, the actor took jump/leap from a high top towards a building of the same level. He went airborne and could not make it to the top of the other building, instead he hit his knee on the roof sides and that how he sustained the injury. He could be seen leaping, after he got up. 

I can’t tell how severe the injury could be but based on experience such kind of accident does not cause much harm. It could just cause a bruise or pain for the moment.

At the same time, you cannot say he must have gotten a fracture or something cause he could still use the foot at some point.

All the same. MI6 is shot in lagos and expected to hit cinema by Next summer. that is next year (2018).

You know, he could be acting the part he had to escape a bomb blast or something, just guessing tho.