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Inspector rescued form 11-metre chemical foam-filled tank in Dubai



An inspector was rescued by emergency workers from an 11-metre high chemical tank along Dubai Creek, authorities said.
Dubai Police confirmed on Thursday that the inspector was rescued after he fell into a tank filled with firefighting foam liquid during an inspection.

An emergency team from Dubai Police’s Maritime Rescue and Hard Missions were on scene within minutes and rescued the inspector.
Lt Col Ali Al Qasseeb Al Naqbi, Head of Maritime Rescue Department at Dubai Police, said the rescue team members faced a lot of challenges as they tried to rescue the man, due to low oxygen levels in the tank and difficulty in accessing it.
“The team faced difficulties during the operation because the tank had little oxygen and only one small opening. In addition to that, the tank walls were not strong enough to support the weight of the rescuers, forcing them to use alternative means,” he said.

“Before starting the rescue operation, we had to first send down a breathing apparatus to provide oxygen to the inspector floating in 4-metre deep liquid,” he said.
Lt-Col Al Naqbi said the inspector was provided necessary medical treatment by ambulance teams on the spot and his condition is stable now.