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Imo state government demolishes Eke ukwu market in Owerri



Imo state government began demolishing of the Eke Ukwu market in Owerri in Imo state, Nigeria. The demolishing has been rumored a long time ago and now it has come to fulfillment. The police accompanied those involved in the act that hurt the people of owerri, who said the market was a traditional heritage and shouldn’t be destroyed instead,it should be upgraded to a mall.

A post on facebook by Itz Mhiz Vicky Diana on diano shows dead bodies due to the demolishing. The boy who helped his mum in their shop is said to have been in the demolishing area and got hit. It is not clear what really occurred but it has a string attached to the Eke ukwu market demolition.

what do you think? Did the Imo state government do the right thing or do you think they have another plan for the market. 
When one wants to change something you destroy first.

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