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Fact!!! “Most High” By Flavour is Not a Gospel Music



Most secular musicians have taken to the studio to sing Gospel music for the singing sake, and that makes no sense at all. I picked out “most high” by flavour to bring some critics to the face of those musicians and hence stop the fake gospel music bandwagon.

It is now the trending music when you go to the streets, just walk pass any slay mama you will hear her sing “lord you are the most high, hallow be thy name”.  It is not as if she wants to praise God, but for the fact her crush male musician sang the song, so she must sing. People said Flavour sang the song so he could help the blind guy. But I’m telling you now that is a lie. if Flavour was in search of whom to help out, he could go to the street or make some donations to the charity, instead of releasing one of the worst purging noise ever heard by man.
Most High is a big flop from Flavour, if he is out of music sense, then he should take a break, maybe in time he’ll get some inspiration. He sang “virtuous woman” out of lack of lyrics and music inspiration, you can tell by the use of same musical progression. To worsen the case, he went further to add boredom by slowing down the beat to less than 100bps, how unprofessional.
I got pissed off when i saw even the craziest, drunk guy with dreadlocks on the street sing “lord you are the most high, hallow be thy name, lord you are the most high, hallow be thy name”. i just felt pity for the fool he has become. The musician that made the song sang the song thinking he could make some sort of Gospel music. But he has no connection with the MOST HIGH GOD. You can tell the difference between a true Gospel music and “most high”.  want to try?
Play “on fire” by Victoria Orenze, you will get that smooth feeling of the holy presence of God. But when you switch to “most high” by Flavour, you will immediately tap out from the sweet moment to nonsense feeling. confusion is just the theme for “most high”.
Using Christian lines in a music doesn’t qualify a music to be a Christian music. A Christian music lifts your spirit and makes you feel different from any regular song such as “most high” that does nothing but bore you out. Flavour is no Christian musician and has no connection with God, so he can’t create anything Christian. Also note that most Christian music do not even have Jesus or God in them but still, that message and inspiration is there.
Flavour singing with a blind boy Semar G. Weifur doesn’t make him some sort of passionate person, anybody can do that. Where actually pricked me was using the boy to show fort his lack of creativity. Semar has an outstanding Good voice which “most high” does not worth spoiling. 

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