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Drake Performs Wizkid’s “Come Closer” At OVOFEST Concert In Canada But Something Is Off



During the performance by Drake and Wizkid at the pre-show OVOFEST concert in canada yesterday, something seem to be off.

During Drake’s performance he sang Wizkid “Come-closer”, he did sing his own part of the song but stopped on reaching the song chorus. Everyone at least felt it wasn’t intentional, the groove went on.

Drakes tuned up “one dance” which wizkid had a part in the chorus. He(drake) sang the verses but as he was nearing the chorus where wizkid hard a part. He told the DJ to hang on and he immediately switched songs, he moved to “Blem” his own song.

I don’t know for the rest of the world, but i think it is humiliating. What was the reason for skipping parts played by wizkid. Or he may eel wizkid is too small to have him sing a part where wizkid sang in a song.

As for wizkid, i don’t know what took you there. But it is obvious that you are being kept in the shadows. or is that a price you have to pay before you earn some respect. Leave the label if you are not treated fine. Money is not Everything.

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