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Baby Tiger And Pit bull Fight in an Underground Club in Thailand – Read To Know Which Animal won



Grown adults in an underground fight club have found another to satisfy their horror viewing pleasure. 
Men gathered to watch a baby tiger and a pit bull fight . The fight reportedly took place at an underground fight club in Thailand and the video has leaked online.

In the video, the animals actually fought bravely, with the tiger having the upper hand, its jaws locked around the pit bull’s throat while the dog had to desperately fought for dear life. The viewers watched the fight excitedly and can be heard cheering, unconcerned that what they were doing is similar to animal cruelty.  Officials have not come out to say anything about the act.

The establishment that organized the fight is a betting company where animal fights are watched and hailed on by locals. The fight between the tiger and pit bull surprisingly took a different turn towards the end with the pit bull winning.

Ahhh, i couldn’t embed the video but you can go ahead to watch the fight by this link