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Advice For The Girls If Your Boyfriend Cheats on You



Looking for advice for the day, I’m referring to girls in particular. Then this is your Saviour. And i’m not trying to support this, but anyhow I’ll just write it for the ladies.

A Nigerian lady, Sophia Gold on Facebook, took to Facebook to advise women on how to get back on cheating boyfriends.

According to Gold, any woman cheated on shouldn’t border crying or waste her time thinking about it. But should instead,  mix some of her menstrual blood with her spouse’s stew.

She said and i quote

“Advice for Girls here **if your boyfriends cheats on you why bothering urself to cry when u can add ur menstruation to his stew”

She was forced to delete the post after some of her male followers who found the post disrespectful, called her out .