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27 List of things girls do more than boys – number 5 will shock you



You maybe a guy or a lady reading this, probably a girl, cause a girl will be so curious on what they do most. However whatever gender you are, you have to agree with me on the list below.

  1. Girls use the toilet most.
  2. Of both genders, girls sit most.
  3. Most girls are lazy.
  4. Girls have most apps on their phone.
  5. There is a high ratio of ugly girls to beautiful when compared to the ratio of guys.
  6. Girls burn most of their energy when talking due to gestures the make.
  7. Girls are more good looking than guys.
  8. Most girls don’t know how to sing when compared to Guys
  9. Girls use more time on make-up than when bathing.
  10. Girls love hangouts/parties than boys.
  11. Colors are part of a girl’s life.
  12. An intelligent girl in a class perform better than most boys but they are few.
  13. Most girls don’t match beauty with brains.
  14. Girls think faster than boys
  15. A girl’s creativity is more preferred to that of a guy.
  16. Most girls are not tech-inclined but can use their phone more than half of the day.
  17. Girls put on more clothing than boys – average being 6 clothing at once.
  18. Girls love jewels compared to guys.
  19. An economical girl can save 10% better than an economical guy.
  20. Most ladies are fat but like to be slim why most slim ones like being fat.
  21. Girls love movies than boys.
  22. Most girls love being late than punctual intentionally.
  23. Girls love attention more than respect.
  24. Bad girls hook up with bad boys that don’t like them bad.
  25. Most girls don;t know their responsibilities until they are 20.
  26. Girls get taller than boys at early ages.
  27. Most girls love… add the rest in the comment section.

Got any i didn’t cover, add it in the comment section below

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