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27+ Important Things To Know About The Business Borne City of Aba



You may have heard a lot about the city Aba, but what you are about to read below, have not been said about the business city, Aba in Abia state Nigeria, Africa, Earth.

27+ Important Things To Know About The Business Borne City of Aba
Aba town hall

1. Aba is the one of the most business borne place in Nigeria, second to Lagos which is the top.
2. You can wear a perfume and expect to have the scent fresh after walking the roads in Aba.
3. Neatness is a rare gem in Aba environs.
4. Raining seasons are the worst times in Aba.
5. There is high ratio of Keke-driver (tricycle) to bus driver since the onset of Keke.
6. Dry cleaning is the most lucrative Job in Aba as there are less competitors.
7. Roads are nothing to write home about.
8. The longest lasting road in Aba is the less used roads the was constructed since 2001 – Crescent road by park.
9. There is no Federal school in Aba.
10. A single university exist in Aba and it is the lowest ranking university.
11. Aba is more popular than the state it belongs in – Abia state.
12. Everything is business in Aba, so long as money is involved.
13. Do not steal in Aba, you would get mobbed even if you posses a seasoning cube not belonging to you.
14. There are no weekends for traders in Aba, the seven days in a week are all working days.
15. Aba has two local government namely, Aba north and Aba south
16. Sundays are the only days for putting on Nice cloths in Aba
17. Rain can be used as excuses in Aba, and your business partner will understand
19. St Michaels is the Tech village in Aba, everything tech is possible there.
20. Main park in Aba leads to everywhere in Nigeria except Sambisa.
21. Show-case phones are cheapest and most troublesome.
22. Aba has gutters that do not have any route for water.
23. Aba girls only recommend Crunchies on sundays and Apples on saturday.
24. Hotels in Aba are not higher than 3 star.
25. Government use house builders to construct roads.
26. The company that construct roads in Aba are always having a Chinese man leading.
27. In Aba, it takes 3 months to complete a 100m water drainage.
28. Pot holes are decors along the roads.
29. Do not go along park road while putting on white.
30. Osisioma road in Aba have more than 15 Fuel stations along the road and they are all making their money.
31. The busiest place in Aba is Ariaria.
32. The loneliest place in Aba is not existent, everywhere is busy.
33. Ngwa clan dominate the affairs in Aba.
34. In Aba “vooom ka-mma karia statement” – is better to run than write police statement.
35. Thugs are seen everywhere in Aba.
36. Ngwa-road is the dirtiest place in Aba.
37. Boutiques in Aba are high grade Okirika cloths.
38. The cheapest things are in Park
39. Train transportation is possible in Aba.
40. In Aba, churches could share one building.
41. Don’t make the mistake of doing pay-before-service with tailors in Aba.
42. Men in Aba won’t mind using your doorstep as a spot to ease themselves
43. Car technician in Aba (Mechanic) have not plan to look neat during work. 
44. If you think you are strong, then go and drag bus at York park loading umuahia transport vehicle.
45. Abia poly is located in Aba and it is more expensive than Federal polytechnics in Nigeria, besides strike is their hobby.

Abia state tower in umuahia
Abia state tower in umuahia
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