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Buhari’s Son Graduates With Master Degree From A University In UK



Yusuf Buhari the son of Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari has graduated with master degree from Surrey University in United kingdom.
His sister Zahra, who has since married into the billionaire Indimi family, graduated from the University of Surrey, UK in July 2016.

A family friend of theirs shared the news on Facebook in hausa and it reads,

‘Muna taya Dan Shugaban kasa Yusuf Muhammad Buhari murnar kammala karatun Digir-gir (Masters Degree) dinsa.Allah ya sanya Alheri.’

In English 

‘We congratulate The President’s son,  Yusuf Muhammad Buhari celebrate graduating DiGi-gir (Masters Degree) dinsa.Allah made Grace.’

Congratulation Yusuf buhari