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50+ Crazy Facts About Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri You Need To Know



There are some facts you need to know about federal polytechnic Nekede. You may not see this elsewhere and the school would not tell you this. But, to satisfy The 1960post readers, i have to expose you to  facts you need to know about federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri (FPNO).

1 FPNO is one of the top polytechnics in Nigeria.
2 You find the environment neater towards the end of the semester.
3 Every department have their respective, sovereign NAS (Non-Academic Student asso.)
4 You must buy the course textbook but you may not get it.
5 No lecturer jokes with attendance.
6 Mass-communication department has the highest ratio of girls to boys 15:2.
7 French is being taught with English.
8 Your first day in FPNO will make you humble, as you will ask for direction like a mad man.
9 The least populated department is computer engineering, with the total number of students not up to 200. Each level has less than 90 Students. Computer engineering students cover the longest distance everyday in school and they are the most frustrated. The department has no evening programme, but they return from school the same time with the evening programme students.
10 The most populated department is Science lab Technology, (SLT). SLT population makes up 30% of the school total population with Up to 500 student in each Level.
11 Student act faster and wiser during exams.
12 40% of male students plan on get engaged in Yahoo after graduating.
13 During four months I.T, names of different unknown registered companies are been        revealed.
14 Each exam hall, one Man-O-War personnel.
15 Minimum after exam runs is N3000.
16 In every department,there is always that student that do not miss writing attendance.
17 Number of student present during exams is 4x the number of student that attend classes.
18 Carry-over is students worst nightmare.
19 Most practicals are carried out verbally.
20 There is no money, but the ATM queue is much from 6am – 6pm.
21 Girls are not allowed to go on sleeveless.
22 Your day turns bad when you miss a test.
23 Do not ask a student with dreadlocks for help, Yahoo boy alert!!!.
24 Practical manual is N500, Course textbook is N1000.
25 Lecturers can kill you with their assigments.
26 Mess up and get threatened for your marks, by lectures.
27 The number of students that own a car is less, but the value of the car owned by one       student car owner, can buy the car owned by 15 different lecturers.
28 Man-O-war now recruit small boys to have them look for trouble here and there.
29 The longest distance is from Evening program block to the school gate.
30 FPNO has morning programme, evening programme and weekend programme which one can choose to enroll.
31 FPNO has up to 10,000 students combining all the programmes.
32 Evening programme students enjoy the most as the come to school by 1pm and leave by 4:30pm.
33 Saturdays are for weekend and evening programme students, while sundays are for weekend programme students.
34 FPNO is currently led by a female rector.
35 Drive a car to FPNO and you are known as a yahoo boy immediately.
37 Suits are worn only during a course defense or presentation. Wear it outside these day, you get to answer a lot of questions.
38 There is only one Old school student in FPNO and he is in his finals. he goes on old         school clothings on daily basis.
39 Akwa-ibom language is the most feared language.
40 Timaya came to FPNO once.
41 Fidelity bank inside school has crashed, leaving access bank to serve the community.
42 Students hate screening more than any other thing.
43 You can trust SERVICOM in FPNO but not Man-O-war.
44 Students see you behind a laptop, yahoo boy is your next tag.
45 Engineering school has most buildings.
46 EE students are the roughest students.
47 BAM girls love parties more than every other thing.
48 Mass Comm. has the most attended party.
49 Library science host the most boring party.
50 Come to any party and have the artist with half baked music shouting on top of their voice.
51 Girls waste more time at the ATM cause they cannot operate it while other think they are playing candy crush.
52 Most girls at Banking and Finance are married in school but single at home.
53 Girls that study engineering courses are not different from the guys.
54 Do not speak English to an Akwa-ibom girl in FPNO, you could annoy her to reply with     her language cause she doesn’t now how to speak English.
55 Departments like Business Admin. have their classes more like winners chapel fellowship due to population, public address systems are being used to teach.

This is where i drop my pen. though there are more facts to write but i’ll give the chance to add yours.You can add your facts about federal polytechnic nekede in the not forget to share this.

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