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Hima Aboubakar, Investigated Over Arms Deal | See The House He Owns



Reports in Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) say that Hima Aboubakar, a Nigerian arms dealer, who is being investigated by local authorities over his part in the arms deal scandal has reportedly bought a luxury flat in the European country.
According to reports on Czech radio station Radio Praha, Aboubakar’s flat is a penthouse located in the luxurious Prague Libenský Ostrov.
Quoting Seznam, Czech’s foremost web portal and search engine, Radio Praha reports that the flat is allegedly worth around 50million crowns (that is 1,959,693.52 dollars) which is around N615,665,030. Read More here

And i kept wondering how arms got to militants and boko haram. It is through the means of crook arm dealers such as Hima Aboubakar. He owns a house worth N615,665,030 in Czech. Why can’t he own one of such in Nigeria, why would he. How can you build on the same land you steal from. The arms deal scandal has been around for a very long time now. But i must say, it is actually a thing of who is going to made public and who is not. They know themselves, when they are done deciding. An official list will be made available for the press to release.