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10 Kitchen Equipment You Will Regret If You Do Not Have



You love cooking and you do not have these Kitchen gadgets for your cooing. Then you are wrong. Basically these equipments are so important that you never can do without it.

Pizza Cutter
There’s no disagreement: For its intended use, a rolling pizza cutter works better than anything else. Plus, many home chefs point out that pizza wheels come in handy not only for slicing their namesake, but also for prepping everything from pie crusts to fresh pasta. That said, if you don’t cook or bake very often, chances are that in your kitchen, a pizza cutter would only collect dust between infrequent uses. That’s fine, in theory, since pizza cutters neither cost much nor take up very much room. But if like so many other homeowners, you’re on a mission to reduce unnecessary clutter in the kitchen, you’re much better off sticking with the simple, “good enough” alternative—a regular chef’s knife.

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Yogurt Maker
If you love yogurt so much that you restock on every visit to the store, consider this: You can cut your grocery costs by skipping the store-bought yogurt varieties and learning to make your own. People have been making homemade yogurt for hundreds, if not thousands of years. There are many methods of doing so that require nothing more than the cookware and utensils already in your kitchen. True, a yogurt maker simplifies the process but only to a limited degree. Unless you plan on preparing heaping quantities of yogurt on a regular, continuing basis, there’s no reason to buy such a specialized appliance, especially when you factor in the bulky, difficult-to-store size of the average unit.

Cookie Dough Scooper
The cookie dough scooper is really just a fancy spoon. It promises the perfectly shaped cookie and a limited mess, but most of the times the dough sticks to it and you end up having to use your fingers to push it off. It also limits your ability to control the size of your cookies. Replace this gadget with measuring spoons or just use your hands to roll the dough into balls yourself.

Panini Press
A warm, toasted panini is always an upgrade from your typical sandwich. It’s why having your own panini press in your kitchen seems like a great idea. But in reality? The kitchen appliance is heavy and takes up a lot of space, whether on your counter or stored in a cabinet. It also isn’t the easiest to clean. Rather than splurging on this contraption you can use your indoor electric grill, or even easier a skillet on the stovetop!

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Hamburger Shaper
A burger press helps home chefs create perfectly shaped patties, but the unnecessary gadget is more inconvenient than helpful. Burgers don’t need to be uniformly molded for proper cooking, and the press won’t affect the taste of the meat at all. Plus, the shaper comes with its own host of issues, like the need to sanitize between uses to prevent the spread of E. coli. Save time, money, and space in your kitchen by using your hands to form your hamburgers instead. If you really want a consistent patty shape—or if the thought of touching raw meat disgusts you—try molding your burgers with other kitchen tools like an ice cream scoop, mason jar lid, or measuring cup.

If you’re a pasta aficionado who enjoys creating homemade fettuccine and spaghetti noodles, then your pasta maker may be a well-used necessity. On the other hand, if you’re perfectly content with cooking up a box of dried pasta, the gadget is likely collecting dust at the back of your pantry. To save yourself from buyer’s remorse and kitchen clutter, don’t buy a pasta maker unless you’re positive it will get enough use to justify the purchase.

Bread Maker
You don’t need a bread maker to be an experienced baker, or even enjoy the occasional home-baked goods. Sure, the low-maintenance appliance makes fresh bread accessible the way that slow cookers saved dinner after long days, but it’s quite a countertop commitment for cooking only a portion of your meals. If you already have a stand mixer, consider instead investing in a palm-sized attachment that can do the same work: the dough hook. After kneading the bread dough to develop the gluten that makes it rise just so, you can pop that loaf into your oven.

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Egg Cooker
While this breakfast staple is protein-packed to deliver the energy you need all day long, how often do you or your family really consume hard-boiled eggs anyway? If the answer isn’t “twice a day,” then you can probably survive without this bulky 4- to 12-egg cooker by boiling a half-dozen eggs in a sauce pan periodically instead. An even simpler alternative to boiling water on the stove: Check your supermarket for bags of already boiled and peeled eggs, right next to the cartons—they’ll eat up zero extra space in your kitchen.

Cake Maker
Electric cake makers, and their cousins, cake pop makers, promise moist, fluffy confections with push-button convenience. However, the tasty proposition comes with a catch: you’ve got to find a place to store this bulky appliance. While traditional cake pans can be stacked and stored with ease, a cake maker requires more than its fair share of shelf space, and that poses a challenge in an already cluttered kitchen. If you prefer a set-and-forget baking experience to to the age-old oven method, employ your ever-versatile crockpot to bake a cake to remember.

Electric Crepe Griddle
The delights of French cuisine can be yours in a flash, with an electric crepe maker—so says popular opinion. But did you know that cooking this paper thin pancake is almost as foolproof when done in a standard griddle? That’s good news for gourmands whose cramped kitchens can’t possibly accommodate another single-use appliance. Besides, let’s face it, how often do you whip up this little treat? Chances are it’s not often enough to justify the purchase.

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Employment seeking girl steals N108k from her prospective employer




Opportunity comes but once, this young girl believes as she stole N108k from her prospective employer. A female jobseeker has been captured for taking One Hundred and Eight Thousand Naira amid her prospective employee meeting in Delta State.

It was accumulated that the businessperson at the organization had ventured out to get something, leaving the suspect in the workplace. The young lady professedly utilized the chance to take N108k and fled.

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Good fortune, be that as it may, ran out on her, days after the fact, while going through the road where the workplace is found. She was expeditiously caught and dragged to her home where the rest of the cash was recovered.

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Lagos tenant uses Landlord’s apartment to dupe house appliance vendors of N50 million




Read this narration by twitter handle, @Wenogetjob, which tells of how he eavesdropped on a couples conversation of a duping man. The man rented a house for 2 month, bought expensive items worth up to N50 million on credit. Left the rented apartment with all the appliances he has not paid for, after winning the trust of the sellers.

Hey peepz, I have a gist tho I don’t know if it’s true or not..But I will say it Sha. I was just walking on the street 2receive fresh air when I saw a couple. d man was telling his wife about an incident. I kukuma slowed down an walked behind them to hear d full gist.

It was more like a scam story. A certain man walked up to a Landlord in our area and requested to rent his apartment for 2 months, with the excuse that he was traveling to Canada and just came to Lagos for the Visa Processing.. They agreed on 150K.

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The man paid and took ownership of the apartment.He then went out to Vendors in town and negotiated to buy expensive items on lease. With installment payment plans.. He was said to have collected home appliance worth N50,000,000 from various vendors.

He then took them all to the apartment one by one to build trust. At least once they know he lives there, they can easily come around and pack their stuffs if he defaults, these people didn’t know what would hit them was going to be deadlier than Tsunami.

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As agreed with the Landlord, the man packed out even earlier than expected… Left with all the items, of which he had not finished the payment..and the Landlord was so happy to have struck a better deal He immediately rented out the apartment to another family.

One by one, the creditors began to come in and same story was relieved to them.. Some fainted, some threatened hell fire …. To cut the long story short, Baba Ijebu was arrested alongside the new tenant.. You know Naija now… #POLICE  no wan hear wuen

They were only saved after a Landlord intervened. He is a legal practitioner and took up the case. But sincerely speaking. I wonder how some people feel at rest knowing fully well their victims would suffer.  I guess it all centers on lack of conscience. This is bad #dojon

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How a middle-aged man died after withdrawing N100,200 from the bank will shock you




How a middle-aged man died after withdrawing N100,200 from the bank will shock you

What could have taken the life of a middle-aged man, identified only as Muyibi, who collapsed and died in a commercial cab in the Ojota area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro reports that Muyibi boarded the cab after withdrawing money from a United Bank for Africa branch in the Ogudu area. Then the driver had turned to to take his fee from Muyibi when he realized the man had become motionless. After reaching the terminus, a resident told Punch’s correspondent that the driver alighted from the cab to slightly push Muyibi, who was cold.

The resident, who did not want to be identified, said,

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“The driver had picked some other passengers along the way, and they had all paid and dropped off at their various bus stops.
“When the victim did not respond when they got to the terminus, the driver parked the cab to rouse him, but he was cold.
The driver raised the alarm, which drew the attention of commuters and passersby to the scene. People checked him and discovered that the man was dead.”

Policemen from the Ogudu division were said to have been alerted to the incident. The driver’s vehicle was impounded just like that, while the man’s body was deposited in a morgue.

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A source person at the terminus who spoke with Punch newspaper confirmed the incident, saying:

“It happened around 3pm on Friday. The man went to withdraw some money in UBA. The Ogudu Divisional Police Officer was compassionate; she pitied the cab driver, who had become jittery.
Although the man was not detained, his cab was impounded at the station pending when the deceased’s family would show up,” he added.

Lagos state Police Public Relations Officer, SP Chike Oti, said the police recovered N100,200 from the victim’s bag.

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He said:

“The man was on his way to Ojota when he collapsed and died. We recovered the sum of N100,200 from his bag.
He also had a phone, which had a new SIM card. There is no contact on the phone and nobody has called him. We have a lead as to where he could be living.
His body has been deposited in a morgue for autopsy.”

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