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Nigerian is in a great recession – a result of mismanagement of the past and present administration.
How a country so buoyant, well knows as the giant of Africa now the dwarf of west Africa.

What happened to those days when one would go to school with 20N and that covers lunch and miscellaneous expenses?
Presently, 20N can only get you a biscuit.
what happened to those times kobo has its worth.? The time of stable economy.

Quite alright those times were good.
But it was the same time that bad leaders got their dirty hands into the national pockets. And no one realized.
The act of embezzling public funds is now a culture for some politician.
Like they do it with a hardened heart – not minding what happens to the populations they represent.


Politiciansthat swore to serve their country, now the pain to the country. If only Nigerian politicians can sing the National Anthem and recite the national pledge fluently, I will count them patriots.
I won’t be surprised if none of them can.
The Hose of Reps will have a seating; they will actually make their topics. But after the seating, all that is said is tossed in a nearby trash bin.
The same happens at the senate level.
If you are in doubt.
Tune to NTA PARLIAMENT. You will be so excited that your representative is marshaling out his point. But on a second thought. How many of those points are even looked into? Bad administration.
It is true that we the citizens elected our leaders. Let’s assume Nigerian election is a fair one.
Why can’t Nigerian politicians overlook their ethnic background, political -party(ideological) differences, and get our poor country out of this disgrace.
Yet they are been paid a million sum of money weekly and annually, that a 10% slash will generate income big enough to land Nigeria a functional refinery, Instead they don’t mind tainting the national image, getting involved in obvious corrupt practices.
The good times Nigerians loved but were blind folded to the reality and theft perpetrated by bad politicians.

The dreadful looting of national treasury by man Sani Abacha as a military head of state from November 17. Such level of looting can’t go through with just one person involved – like Up to $723 million in foreign accounts. He died on June 8 1998. The present administration went into recovering the looted funds.
Some of the funds were not recovered, but 
who knows what happened to the recovered ones?
Who knows whose pocket it will go into?
Who knows?

You can’t blame Only the then Politicians for the bad situation now, but also the older Nigerian citizen that failed to develop
when the nation had a stable economy.

Those of the 50’s in age would claim to have read books more than younger ones.
But surely they failed us
Reading is good, but the present state of Nigeria is what happens when you don’t apply what is read.
Professors here and there, more than dozens of them but none of them realized that
energy generated from fossil fuel can go obsolete in the world moved by technology.
Fossil fuels are fuels formed by natural processes such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms,
containing energy originating in ancient photosynthesis. The age of the organisms and their resulting fossil fuels is typically millions of years,
and sometimes exceeds 650 million years.
Fossil fuels contain high percentages of carbon and include petroleum, coal, and natural gas
Some professor got the title professor because of schooling n a foreign land.
If one can school in a foreign land and not contribute to his country, then it dampens the essence of going abroad to school.
How many Professors in Nigeria Has ever contributed to this world, Nigerian or even his state of origin?
If the professors in a country can be this ignorant, tell me what do you expect from such country
Now we are faced with the result of such ignorance.

Cars that run on water now exist, or are we going to start exporting water?

The Government has a role to play in the cause of the recession.
Like I said earlier the stable economy was due to the diversification of the source of national generated revenue. It took Nigerian Government years to realize that.
They failed to diversify the economy, due to the mouth watering gain in the oil industry, that still politicians embezzled.
Nigeria once boasted of an agro-economy, but oil money was more attractive.
So therefore less attention was given to agriculture to tackle poor soil fertility, irrigation problem, technology development etc.
This led to the fall of agriculture in Nigeria,
Nigeria exports more than a billion barrel – earning less than 10trn naira in a year.
See the budget 2017 pegged at N6.8trn ,relying on oil alone won’t help Nigeria on the long run.
Oil export serves as 80% of Nigeria income the other sources are negligible but we have a N6.8trn budget that will only kill a bird or fill greedy politicians pocket

Bad Non-patriotic Citizen with nonchalant attitude towards public issues. Thugs now dominate every nuke and cranny of the country even as politicians.
Tell me what will become of a country filled with thugs or people that won’t let go of their ethnic background.
Youths are not even helping matters, with the high rate of exam-malpractice – where is Nigeria headed?
Some Nigeria citizen would intimidate a fellow Nigerian who is not of the same background.
A Yoruba Business man could be frustrated in an Ibo land, because he is not an Ibo.
How would a Nigerian dump dirts along the road and still pray for good roads, and clean environment. Do you expect the Government to come by a sweep th roads like your bedroom?
Do you know 54% of Nigerians are non-educated
Why? Nigerians. We cry for change but we should be the change.

Nigeria Won’t Change Until Nigerians Change