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Great Tips For Optimizing your Smartphone



Don’t install apps you don’t need

Here is a conversation between two friends 
Louis and Garry

Louis: hey bro can i get your phone,
Garry: Why do need it
Louis: c’mon i just bought a new phone and i need some apps
Garry: Ok fine which app would you like 
Louis: I’ll love any social network app
       you know any app that has that cool Look, 
       I love apps with Red, Yellow and Green icon.
Garry: yea go get a Traffic light.

Basically If you are gonna use an app then don’t install it. The more the app,
The slower the phone.

Update your applications

Many people ignore update alert from Google play store, Apple Store or Windows Store.
Those updates are required to fix bugs in the older ones.
This is the main reason for an upgrade – To fix bugs

Avoid Using your phone while charging

You love staying on-line 24 hours. Chatting,browsing e.t.c. That’s cool but
take a break while charging your phone.
Nobody loves disturbance while eating, so including your phone.
When you use your phone whilst it is charging, 
you weaken the processor with the job load caused by you.

Don’t download from untrusted sites

The main the source of viruses is the Internet.
downloading from so untrusted site, puts your phone at risk.
Modified apps have high tendencies of housing viruses
this will make vulnerable.

Always clear app cache

When a app takes longer than usual to open,
chances are that it has cached a lot of data.
this will slow down it actions.
So ensure to clear cache whenever you experience such.

One last thing i am against installing anti-virus on a smartphone. To me it really does’t work. i don’t know what you think, if you a controversy on that
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