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A Network is basically a connection of two or more devices in wireless or wired in other to share information.
This definition is just a peak of an iceberg about the full functionalities of an network.

Importance of a Network.

A network is so important that we can’t just do without it in our daily activities. 
When we connect our phones using a Bluetooth, we’ve just created a network.
When we want to share applications, we turn on Xender app. 
For the Xender app to share our application its creates a wireless network.
When we want to withdraw our money using an ATM of another bank or a different branch, a network is established.
The importance of a network grows everyday.

There are different types of a network based on their coverage.


An acronym for Local Area Network.
This is the type of network used in a SOHO (Small Office Home Office).
A LAN is also used in our homes,
the connection you create through Bluetooth is a LAN. 
So basically a LAN is a type of network that does not a large area geographically.
That means a connection in an office building is a LAN
The one in your school is a LAN whether wireless or not.
Several devices are used to set-up a LAN
Read them up here.


Metropolitan Area Network, a network of an extensive coverage geographically.
Imagine a connection between a bank in New York and a bank in Chicago
Or a connection between a bank in Lagos and a bank in Kaduna.
That’s an example of a Metropolitan Area Network.
It runs a wide coverage but not up to that of WAN.


Most people use Facebook, but never wondere

d what kind of connection exist, 
that i can text to someone totally in a different part of the world.
Well not that bad. A Wide Area Network, 
is a network of the whole world that can run From China to Ghana 
That i could stay in my comfort zone and watch something happening elsewhere maybe in Iran or Russia, 
is because a connection exist between my T.V and the News Station 
i am watching.
So a Wide Area Network is a network that covers a very large geographical area.

But bear in mind that a Wide Area Network is a combination of several, millions of Local Area Network.

It’s A Small World After All

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