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Imagine when your skin becomes you touchscreen
well that is possible with Cicret Bracelet

A device that turns your skin to a touchscreen simply by extending your phone display by the pico projector.What do you have to say comment below then

Key features

Works on every skin color

irrespective of your skin tone it works just perfect

Android OS

It actually an android device i.e it runs on android

Phone screen mirroring

What it does is just to mirror your phone display that’s it

Works with iPhone and Android

The Band supports iPhone likewise Android

Removable battery

It also comes with a detachable battery

Water resistant

What will be the essence if it wasn’t water resistant
You can go to shower with it

Pretty cool huh

Two ex-Apple are currently in their executive team.
Their skills and expertise contributes in getting the best components 
like the pico (10 raise to -12) projector and solve all industrial issues.

Managing Partner & Business Development
30 years + Global Operations, Mfg. and Procurement experience. Served as a C Level executive at Apple, InFocus, and most recently, Intelligent Energy. 
Has built and led product introduction and supply chain teams in Europe, USA and Asia. (Also worked for MVIS – pico projector industry).

20 years + of leadership and program management experience across the supply chain spectrum: 
both tactical operations management; new product introduction & strategy & design. 
Demonstrated ability to create superior performing global supply chains – both forward and reverse.
 Worked at the leadership level in Dell, InFocus, Apple, TCSand most recently, Intelligent Energy.

The Team

Fabien Noblet

Technology & Hardware.

Nicolas Cruchon
Creative Marketing & Social Media.

Guillaume Pommier
VP, Founder
Concept, Marketing & Finance / Press relations.

Pascal Pommier
CEO, Founder
Technology & Software.

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