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Advice to Samsung for Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion.



One of the biggest phone brand have experienced one of the biggest set backs
such is life
I feel sad that my best smartphone producer has suffered such thing.
But wait a minute, what if all of this was some sort of set up in the production line.
Maybe a competing company could have pulled a stunt, interfere with the production line of the samsung galaxy note 7. 

who knows?
Note 7 is one of the best smartphone ever in 2016 and maybe someone, somewhere is not happy with that.
Well, you can’t actually bring down a company like samsung like that.
c’mon you are talking of a company that has stood the test of time, 
gained it’s reputation and made impact in people’s life.
Though the recall has a significant impact on samusung’s finance, 
but a company so established as samsung can bear a loss up to $15 billion.
what will be of great loss is their reputation
long live samsung galaxy note 7, i know very well samsung has a plan.

come to think what could cause a explosion in a battery, a smartphone battery.
i wonder why i still get the feeling that the production line was rigged.
back in 2006 a mass recall of faulty battery by sony, 
was due to small particles in the battery that altered the chemical process, therefore leading to an ignition.
HP had to recall the batteries produced between March 2013 and August 2015 due to overheating.
Sony again recalled 440,000 Vaio laptop computers after a wiring fault caused some devices to overheat, 
leaving seven people with minor burns.
The consumer electronics company said the recall involves 19 models in the Vaio TZ series manufactured between May 2007 and July 2008.
So what actually caused that of samusung?
If you have any suggestions leave it in the comment below.

One thing that makes life so interesting is that disappointment do come 
but the moment you decide not to be held back by previous disappointment.
it turns out to be an appointment.


Samsung has to look into the issue with the note 7 
That of HP laptops was overheating. Sony’s battery issues was a small particle. 
samsung’s own  could be circuitory.
To find out what is the possible cause of that explosion and what is the solution.
samsung should also give forum to external researchers and academias.
doing this could bring up a new idea in battery technology, 
giving samsung a edge over other company.
Maybe they could eventually come up with a technology that 
will make your smartphone battery last longer without causing any harm.
Samsung would definitely gain their reputation once more.

But the problem is,
will samsung guard it’s intellectual property jealously
if they don’t that will serve as a detriment if their phone schematics and plan leaks
but as an advantage, when they get an upgrade in the battery technology.

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