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It is inevitable to render a speech at least once time in a lifetime
Whenever you get the opportunity to stand in front a audience, making a speech.
These are the few things you should avoid greatly.

1. Don’t start your speech with ‘thank you’

That means you’re not ready or maybe you were not expecting your audience rather make your first sentences great.
Nobody has the whole day to receive pleasantries unless necessary
You should say the Thank (you)s at the end. 

2. Don’t pull out ambiguous words

Note the kind of audience you are going to get,

Even at that irrespective of your audience
your message should be as clear and consise as possible so 
that it is understood by all presnet. 
Tha moment you launch your infantry of heavy word basically it will just defeat nothing but
the essence of the speech. 

3. Don’t go word by word

Reading your speech word by word makes you sound unprepared and boring to listen to,
Besides reading that way could make people loose focus and eventually the context and purpose of listening to you.
organize your thoughts and memorize some facts and figures this will help you keep the whole thing flow through.
When you’ve said so much try a joke or a question to your audience can also be great for keeping them engaged.

4. Don’t imitate Known speakers

Maybe we all hope to be as great as bill gate (every computer guy wants that, no doubts), 
But note this your audience will be so observant, that the moment you imitate someone famous the know you are faking.
And nobody has time for a fake speech or even anything fake.C’mon you won’t go to the market with the intention of getting a fake nike mag
Hey there’s nothing wrong with starting up by stating a famous quote, this thrills your audience making them think you even own that quote. 
People who imitate famous public speakers lose their own identity, says one communications consultant: “

Audiences expect and want the authentic you and the authentic me. 

Giving them our genuine selves, we will receive plenty in return,” he writes. 

5. Don’t beat around the bush

Obviously, You shouldn’t do that.
Me personally i hate that let alone when you’re rendering a speech.

Get used to saying what you are doing in a short sentence (a tweet) and refine it if people don’t immediately get it,” says Con O’Donnell, Investment Principal at Wamda. 

6. Don’t speak too fast or too slow

Speaking quickly shows that you’re nervous and makes you harder to follow. 
Speaking too slowly, however, could mean you’re unprepared or hesitant. 
To help you solve the issue, Alison Griswold from advises speakers to take a deep breath before coming to the stage. 
Deep breathing is also one of the simplest ways to improve your startup’s chances of success.

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