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Un-install unused application

Unused application occupies space in your hard drive,
giving your system more work to do when going through the drive
Also unused application makes your system registry buggy.

Keep your Desktop environment clean

When you boot up your system maybe a laptop or desktop,

and it takes long time to complete booting.
This is because of of a crowded desktop, avoid keeping raw files(pictures,videos, etc) 
on your desktop.

Always update your available anti-virus

Most people neglect this one but it is very important
Anti-virus software such Windows defender monitors your system 
to avoid interruption from external harmful software that interrupt system processes

Do Not keep your system in a way to that the vent is closed.

Every system heats up during usage hence emits heat.
System manufacturers provide a vent for this heat to escape.
Basically when that vent is closed, you block the exit for the heat emitted
This will slow down the processor therefore slowing down your system.
In a serious scenario, you could fry your processor.

Update your applications

Whenever an application notifies you of an update,
ensure you do that.
Using outdated application causes bugs in your system on the long run,
so an update helps optimize an application performance and that of the system also.

Run Disk Maintenance Tools

While we you use your system your hard drive gets real busy
And hey it need some maintenance
This maintenance you can’t do physically
So periodic disk maintenance culture will enhance your disk i/o

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